Nature-based solutions for
carbon sequestration, biodiversity restoration, people empowerment.

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Harnessing the potential of African Rangelands

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Soil Carbon

Healthy soil is a major carbon pool but over 70% of African rangelands are moderately to severely degraded. Restoring these landscapes will be a potent weapon in the fight against climate change.

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Rewilding landscapes through the reintroduction of native species and ecological management practices enriches biodiversity at all scales and enhances the long-term carbon storage capacity of ecosystems.

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Carbon finance is a catalyst in creating inclusive nature-based economies across Africa. Rewilded lands are more resilient to environmental and economic shocks, which helps protect local communities against the impacts of climate change.

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A holistic solution

We partner with our customers from assessing a project’s feasibility all the way to project accreditation and monitoring.

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Dry land

Feasibility analysis

Carbon projects have high start-up costs and are time consuming, yet early on there is little certainty that a carbon project will be viable. We combine expert insights with cutting edge technology to provide low-cost feasibility studies. This enables our clients to reduce uncertainty before investing precious time and capital.
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Structuring and project finance

Carbon projects are complex and involve many stakeholders, many of whom have economic and governance rights. Additionally, the costs of developing a carbon project are high and future carbon credit revenue is needed today in order to catalyse change.
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Carbon and biodiversity project execution

We will compile all the documentation required for a full accreditation with a recognized carbon and biodiversity offsets body, such as Verra. We are able to help guide our clients through this entire process from start to finish, mitigating the complexity inherent in these project submissions.
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Ongoing monitoring and verification

A carbon project is along-term commitment and so too is our relationship with our customers, which will span the entire carbon crediting period (typically 30 years). We will ensure the project remains valid, the science is sound, and that there is radical transparency for the credit purchasers.
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Livelihood resilience
Shangani Adaptive Grazing Carbon Project

Shangani is a 45,000 ha mixed cattle and wildlife ranch in the Matabeleland South province of Zimbabwe. The ranch is pioneering a holistic management style to sustainably manage cattle and wildlife with a view to promoting rangeland regeneration and wealth creation for local communities.

Tswalu Kalahari Carbon Project

The Tswalu Kalahari Project is a pioneering initiative by Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation, supported by Rewild Capital on the carbon development side, aimed at the large-scale restoration and conservation of a section of African rangeland in South Africa. This is the first private protected area in South Africa to earn carbon credits for management put in place to adapt to climate change.